This Electric Toothbrush Is A Great Sonicare Alternative For Only $42

How much would you pay for white teeth? Perhaps a better question would be which high-cost teeth whitening solution are you most interested in paying for? From charcoal toothpaste to whitening strips to full-on dental surgery, people will go to extreme lengths (and dig deep into their wallets) to get whiter teeth.

But, really, one of the best things you can do is just invest in a better toothbrush. If one of your resolutions of 2019 is to get whiter teeth, then you are already set up to succeed.

High-end electric toothbrushes like Sonicare typically retail around $300 which is an exorbitant, possibly also a prohibitive price tag. However, for now, you can invest in the off-brand CleanSonic Ultra Electric Whitening Toothbrush for a fraction of that price.

This high-powered toothbrush comes with many similar features to Sonicare's leading toothbrushes but it's available to Interesting Engineering readers now for 58% off the original price at just $41.99.

The CleanSonic is empowered by a 35,000 vibration per minute motor that allows it to remove ten times the plaque that a traditional toothbrush does. It features several cleaning modes allowing you to customize the brushing experience that best works for you. That's to say, if you've got sensitive teeth, you don't need to be turned off by the powerful motor.

The LCD display shows the current operation mode, the battery status, and even prompts you when it's time to change the brush head. This alert is especially convenient because this deal comes with four brush heads so you won't get stuck using the same brush for an unhealthy amount of time.

The brush's battery lasts for 21 days on a single charge and charges back up in 12 hours so you can plug it in after brushing in the morning and have it at full charge for your evening brush.

The CleanSonic Ultra Electric Whitening Toothbrush will help you get million dollar teeth in 2019 but you won't need to pay a premium to get it. Right now, you can save 58% off the $99.99 retail price when you buy for just $41.99.

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