Meet the Eco-Friendly and Far More Enjoyable Future of Play-Dough

Finding the perfect gift is no easy task. Even if you’re shopping for someone you know like the back of your hand such as a spouse or sibling.

It can be difficult to identify exactly the type of present they’re looking for without overtly asking them to write it down on a piece of paper—and that’s just no fun.

But when it comes to getting gifts for children, the difficulties tend to grow exponentially. Not only is it trickier to identify what a kid may want, but it’s also inherently difficult to track down a gift that will still be enjoyable in a matter of weeks, let alone months or years.

So if you’re like most people who are struggling to find the perfect gift for an enthusiastic but hard-to-read kid on your list this holiday season, look no further than this Zephyr Kinetic Play-Dough 6-Color Super Kit.

It is currently available for over 30% off its usual price at just $18.99 for a limited time this season.

One should think of Zephyr as the next generation of play-dough, thanks to its ability to adapt to the modern world through a variety of innovations that make it more enjoyable to work with, longer-lasting, and above all eco-friendly.

Made from earth-safe kinetic plasticine, this ultra-moldable and multifunctional material helps to foster a wide range of important fine motor skills in the developing mind:

-such as color recognition,

-pattern matching,

-symmetry identification,

-most importantly general creativity.

Your loved ones will be able to sculpt this durable material into a limitless number of fun and exciting figures both large and small, and due to the dough's plasticine construction, you won’t have to worry about projects falling apart by accident.

Another advantage of this innovative material is that your creations can actually float without destructing—making Zephyr an ideal gift for aquatic enthusiasts who love to play with toys in the tub or pool.

You’ll also be able to bake your creations in order to harden them and increase their longevity.

And it’s not only small children who can enjoy the fun. Adults often find that playing with this material—even mindlessly while you take a call or ponder the results of a meting—can increase focus and reduce stress levels down.

If you want to embrace your inner child, nothing is stopping you from crafting a super-awesome design from scratch and showing it off to the family.

And unlike similar construction doughs, Zephyr is safe for both its users and the environment, so you can rest easy knowing you’re doing your part for Mother Earth every time you create a new object or concoct a new dough creature from scratch.

Get the young creative mind on your list the perfect holiday gift this season with a Zephyr Kinetic Play-Dough 6-Color Super Kit.

Usually priced at $29, you can land this endlessly fun play-dough for just $18.99 for a limited time—over 30% off its usual price.

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