This Intelligent Writing Assistant Improves Your Spelling, Grammar, and Style

Writing is inherently hard. Whether you’re trying to pen the next great American novel or simply want to send a convincing email to your boss, it’s never easy to drum up a perfect combination of grammar, style, and punctuation.

In fact, it’s almost impossible, and even the world’s greatest writers need helpful tools (or at least another pair of proofreading eyes) in order to create a piece of work that’s close to flawless.

The only problem is that most of today’s leading spell-checkers and grammar aids are limited to their titles when it comes to functionality, and rarely provide the type of comprehensive style-correction that most writers crave and need.

WhiteSmoke Writing Assistant is a game-changing platform that holistically improves virtually every aspect of your writing—by focusing on spelling, grammar, and style all at once—and a Lifetime Premium subscription is currently available for 80% off its usual price at just $79.

This all-in-one tool is ideal for both long essays or quick emails. Unlike most spell-checking apps that use limited algorithms in order to make decisions when it comes to spelling and grammar.

WhiteSmoke Writing Assistant uses advanced technology to ensure that every sentence of your work integrates seamlessly with the piece as a whole.

Whether you’re working on a desktop or mobile device, this intuitive and powerful software works with every type of browser, and can be easily integrated into a wide range of common writing platforms, including Microsoft Word and Outlook.

This subscription grants you unlimited access to the current version plus all future versions of the app the moment they're released (for life), and you’ll be able to activate the software in any environment on your device with a single click.

WhiteSmoke Writing Assistant also includes a detailed translator that’s packed with over 50 languages—meaning you won’t have to worry about your writing or spelling regardless of where you’re working.

And it even checks for potential plagiarism with an enormous database of papers, emails, and more.

You’ll even have access to a wide range of writing tutorials, document templates, and formal letter examples to expedite the writing process—along with a series of English grammar video tutorials to help you improve your writing over time.

Invest in a writing assistant that will improve every aspect of your writing, not just your spelling. Usually listed at $399.95, a Lifetime Premium subscription to WhiteSmoke Writing Assistant is currently available for just $79—80% off its usual price for a limited time.

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