10 Subscriptions That Make Perfect Holiday Gifts

Getting everyone on your holiday list the perfect gift is no easy feat, especially when it comes to those slightly more estranged cousins whom you know little to nothing about.

But before you waste time and energy looking in vain for the perfect Amazon gift order, check out these universally-awesome subscriptions, each of which is available at a significant discount this season.

1. Mondly: Lifetime Subscription - MSRP $1,199.75, Sale Price $42.49 w/ coupon code MERRY15

There are countless reasons to learn a new language, and Mondly lets you choose five out of a growing library of thirty-three popular languages.

There are professional voice actors who help you speak like a true native, and you’ll be able to create your own study plans as you go.

2. Fitterclub Personal Training: 1-Yr Membership - MSRP $690, Sale Price $19 w/ coupon code MERRY15

Staying fit isn’t easy, but Fitterclub Personal Training makes it much easier by offering over 1-million tailored fitness programs that will help you hit your goals faster.

You’ll only have to put in roughly 30 minutes of training per day, and you’ll be able to access workouts anywhere with an Internet connection.

3. Aura Premium: Lifetime Subscription - MSRP $499, Sale Price $67.99 w/ coupon code MERRY15

Stress and anxiety are leading factors that can inhibit both your mental and physical health.

This award-winning app helps you eliminate these negative feelings through a variety of specially-crafted medication exercises.

You’ll be able to relieve stress with only three-minute sessions and even track your progress as you go.

4. The 2018 Award-Winning Speed Reading Bundle: Lifetime Subscription - MSRP $259, Sale Price $12.74 w/ coupon code MERRY15

Imagine how much more productive you could be at both at work and in your personal life if you could read roughly three times faster?

That’s exactly with this subscription teaches you to do, through tried-and-true methods that increase both reading speed and comprehension.

5. RedVector IT Cybersecurity Pro: 1-Year Subscription - MSRP $199, Sale Price $84 w/ coupon code MERRY15

Cybercrime is becoming increasingly disruptive around the world, and this training will teach you how to join the fight against digital hackers through over 500 courses that will help you get certified in the field.

6. eLearnExcel & eLearnOffice School: Lifetime Subscription Bundle - MSRP $1198, Sale Price $42 w/ coupon code MERRY15

You’ve doubtlessly worked with Excel at some point in your life, but you’ve also likely only scratched the surface of what this incredibly powerful program can do.

This bundle teaches you about the most advanced elements of this valuable platform, through easy to follow instructions that use real-world examples.

7. Disconnect VPN: Lifetime Premium Subscription - MSRP $500, Sale Price $27 w/ coupon code MERRY15

A VPN is your first and most important line of defense against cybercrime and privacy intrusions.

Disconnect VPN is one of the best in the business—thanks to its ability to block malware and mask your location regardless of where you browse.

8. Scribd Subscriptions - MSRP $107.88, Sale Price $94.99 w/ coupon code MERRY15

eBooks and audiobooks are becoming the preferred way to consume content in an increasingly mobile world, and these subscriptions give you unlimited access to thousands of books in a variety of formats.

9. Pianoforall: The New Way To Learn Piano & Keyboard - MSRP $199.99, Sale Price $10.99 w/ coupon code MERRY15

Learning the piano is inherently difficult, but this innovative and intelligent approach to piano instruction makes it much easier.

It is all thanks to simple lessons that focus on teaching you how to imitate a wide range of specific playing styles, from Billy Joel to Norah Jones and beyond.

10. Kualto Money Management: Lifetime Subscription - MSRP $239.40, Sale Price $39.99 w/ coupon code MERRY15

Think your money management skills could be improved? This simple tool helps you organize your expenses and plan ahead so you can save money and cut down on debt.

You’ll even be able to anticipate exactly how much money you'll have in a given week up to three years in advance.

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