10 DIY Gift Ideas For The Tinkerer On Your List


Black Friday may have come and gone, but there's still time to land great deals on tech gizmos and gadgets either for yourself or that unstoppable tech-enthusiast on your gift list this season. Here are some of the best gifts an avid tinkerer can get.

10. The Complete Arduino Starter Kit & Course Bundle - MSRP $608.94, Price Drop $71.99 w/ coupon code CMSAVE20

Nothing embodies the Internet of Things revolution like Arduino—an incredibly versatile electronics platform that can be used to build a virtually limitless number of projects.

This starter kit and course bundle come packed with everything you need to know in order to start building your own games, electronics, robots, and more.

9. Complete Raspberry Pi 3B+ Starter Kit & Course Bundle - MSRP $448.98, Sale Price $111.99 w/ coupon code CMSAVE20

The Raspberry Pi stands at the heart of DIY electronics, and this starter kit and course bundle will give you the skills and resources you need to create everything from Alexa-like home automation devices to intuitive robots and beyond.

8. DIY Bionic Robot Lizard - MSRP $65.99, Sale Price $43.99 w/ coupon code CMSAVE20

Let's face it: Every true electronics tinkerer wants to build a robot. This kit lets you do just that, by giving you everything you need in order to construct a fully-functional and programmable robot lizard from scratch.

7. SunFounder Raspberry Pi Robot Kits - MSRP $150, Sale Price $39.99 w/ coupon code CMSAVE20

If robot lizards aren’t up your alley, check out these Raspberry Pi robot kits, which let you build powerful robot cars that can navigate obstacles, take commands from your smartphone or tablet, and transmit images and video in real-time via a USB webcam.

6. CrowPi Raspberry Pi Accessory Kit- MSRP $229, Sale Price $176 w/ coupon code CMSAVE20

In order to take advantage of all that the Raspberry Pi has to offer, you need to have the right accessories. This kit comes packed with a motor, receiver, buttons, and much more so you can build projects without any limitations.

5. SunFounder PiCar-S Raspberry Pi Kits- MSRP $159.99, Sale Price $87.99 w/ coupon code CMSAVE20

These powerful Raspberry Pi-powered cars feature sensor modules that allow them to avoid obstacles, follow lights and lines, and more. You’ll even be able to program your cars using Python and Dragit.

4. The Raspberry Pi Mastery Bundle - MSRP $865, Sale Price $20 w/ coupon code CMSAVE40

If you’re new to the endlessly enjoyable world of Raspberry Pi, this is the bundle for you. Through eight courses, this instruction teaches you everything from the most fundamental aspects of the platform to its more advanced tricks and coding methods.

3. Ultimate DIY Arduino Robotics Bundle - MSRP $300, Sale Price $17 w/ coupon code CMSAVE40

In order to take full advantage of Arduino and build your very own robots from scratch, you need this top-rated instruction, which teaches you about motion sensors, coding, mBot configurations, and more.

2. Build-On Brick Mug - MSRP $39.99, Sale Price $15.99 w/ coupon code CMSAVE20

This fun, the customizable mug will put some instant pep in your office step, and allows you to fully customize the exterior of the mug with your favorite toy blocks.

1. Force Flyers DIY Building Block Drone - MSRP $49.99, Price Drop $31.99 w/ coupon code CMSAVE20

These intrepid drones feature 6-axis auto-stabilization technology that makes them ideal for first-time pilots. They also teach a variety of valuable STEM concepts, including aerodynamics and basic engineering principles.

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