10 Of The Best Reddit AMAs

10 Of The Best Reddit AMAs

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Surfing through Reddit can be, at times, like swimming through shark-infested waters with an open wound. But these Reddit "Ask Me Anything" threads are thoroughly entertaining and actually enlightening and, believe it or not, fun!

The following are a hand-picked selection of the large catalog of AMAs on Reddit with this list clearly being far from exhaustive.

It is also in no particular order - enjoy.

1. This AMA has NASA scientists and exoplanet experts

This "Ask Me Anything" Reddit thread lets you connect directly with a team of actual NASA scientists and associated exoplanet experts. The panel of experts includes Astrobiologists, Astronomers and Managers of various NASA Research Centers.

Being an "Ask Me Anything" you can expect some pretty interesting and curveball questions - it would be rude not to.

This particular Reddit thread discusses the discovery of an Earth-sized planet around TRAPPIST-1 around a year ago. The answers given are pretty enlightening.

2. This chap smells stuff for NASA for a living

Here's a job we doubt many people would ever be able to dream existing - a "Nasalnaut". George Aldrich has been a Chemical Specialist for the space agency for over 40 years.

His main duties have included toxicity tests on things before they are allowed into space but he also volunteers or NASA's so-called "odor panel".

Yes, it really exists and when you think about it, it makes complete sense. Just imagine a small tube in space filled with an unbearable odor and no escape!

This is certainly a fascinating AMA Reddit.

3. This one is only a Bill Gates AMA

Oh yes, that's right an actual "Ask Me Anything" with the one and only Bill Gates. Love or hate Microsoft you have to give credit where credit is due.

This Reddit thread is from 8 months ago but it is actually the sixth he's ever given on the platform. Although this Reddit thread is actually about his, and Melinda Gates' Foundation, the conversation inevitably talks about Microsoft at times.

Questions range from his future plans for the Foundation to insights about the very young Bill Gates and his hobbies. Like all AMAs it's a fascinating insight into the man's life and thoughts.

4. Love him or hate him here's a Barrack Obama AMA

Like Bill Gates, Former President Barrack Obama often receives mixed receptions depending on who you ask. Either way its always fascinating to get a 'warts and all' discussion with someone who used to be the most powerful person on the planet.

This AMA is an older one and was conducted whilst he still held office. Given his undoubtedly busy schedule, he was able to provide half an hour for curious Redditors to speak their mind.

The questions he fielded ranged from career advice for recent graduates to the recipe for White House beer (good question btw).

5. What's this? An AMA from a Scientologist - hold my beer!

This is probably one of our favorite AMAs on Reddit. Scientology is famously secretive (being a secret society that shouldn't come as a surprise). However, being in an AMA Leah Remini should have known what she was signing up to.

To be fair Leah is a former Scientologist and has written a book about her experiences in the organization.

As you'd expect this AMA is pretty candid and gives an interesting if troubling, insight behind the closed doors of Scientology.

6. Alan "Reddit Best Weatherman ever" Sealls' AMA

Alan Sealls in a meteorologist for the WKRG-TV who "who woke up one day and was being called the "Best Weatherman Ever" by so many of you on Reddit."

Now that's a nice surprise to have in the morning rather than endless bills. He used his new found fame to go from just giving vanilla weather reports on TV to educating millions about his profession on the internet.

In his AMA, Alan talks about many varied subjects from meteorology (obviously) to advice on creating a real "Sharknado" - fair question if you ask us.

All in all, this is a pretty light-hearted Reddit thread, for a change, and well worth spending half an hour or so reading.

7. Well, well this AMA is from the creators of Futurama!

This Reddit "Ask Me Anything" is a gift that keeps on giving for any Futurama fan.

Featuring Matt Groening, David X. Cohen, Billy West and John Dimaggio this Reddit thread was only ever going to be awesome.

The lucky Redditors who got to bombard the team with questions did not disappoint. They range from indelicate questions about their net worth to random geography quiz related questions.

Much fun was had by all it seems. Lucky gits.

8. Here's a Reddit AMA if you've ever wanted to work with chimps

This Reddit AMA is with Dr. Jane Goodall who is a scientist, conservationist and "peacemaker" who has spent decades working with chimpanzees. Within it, she discusses their obvious similarity to humans (and less-than similarities).

As you'd expect it to contain questions relating to human impact on the environment, her motivation to study chimps (as if it wasn't obvious) to personal questions on her taste in music.

If this interests you feel free to have a read through it.

9. This Reddit AMA covers all the big questions

Featuring researchers from NASA-FDL and Google Cloud's Director of Applied AI, this Reddit AMA was only ever going to be fascinating. It covered questions about whether there are aliens out there to the impact AI is going to have on our lives in the future.

It's pretty recent from October 2018 and does not disappoint. Obviously, the team had to be careful with their answers but the insight they give is tantalizing, to say the least.

Discussions on potential future disasters and AI are also pretty candid, especially when it comes to the possibility of a dystopian future.

10. Here are some more interesting ones

If none of the ones featured 'tickle your fancy' you could always have a browse through this selection of AMAs. They range from Senior Astronomers at SETI to theoretical Astrophysicists.

Take your pick, and brace yourself!

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