10 Tech and DIY Deals Every Engineer Needs In 2019

If you’re a true tech fan, few things are more exciting than opening up a carefully-packaged gift that contains that cool new gadget you’ve been craving.

Bring in the new year with this selection of tech and DIY deals, on sale for a limited time.

1. RevolCam: The Multi-Lens Photo Revolution for Smartphones - MSRP $59, Price Drop $29.99

Your smartphone lens is already pretty great, but it’s surprisingly limited when it comes to zoom and functionality.

This simple attachment turns your smartphone into a full-fledged DSLR camera for a fraction of the cost.

2. Complete Raspberry Pi 3B+ Starter Kit & Course Bundle - MSRP $448.98, Sale Price $139.99

This starter kit and course bundle introduce you to the endlessly fascinating world of Raspberry Pi, through two hours of training that show you how to construct a wide range of awesome projects from scratch.

3. DIY Bionic Robot Lizard - MSRP $65.99, Sale Price $54.99

Every tech-enthusiast and aspiring engineer wants to build their own robot, and this kit lets you do just that, by showing you how to build a fully-functional lizard that can be programmed to carry out different actions.

4. SunFounder Raspberry Pi Robot Kits - MSRP $150, Sale Price $149.99

This specialized kit lets you have unlimited robotic fun with Raspberry Pi-powered cars. It comes packed with a wide-angle USB webcam, a full Raspberry Pi 3 board, included code for programming, and more.

5. CrowPi Raspberry Pi Accessory Kit - MSRP $229, Sale Price $220

With this accessory kit in hand, you’ll be able to create an unlimited number of advanced projects with your Raspberry Pi, thanks to the included motor, receiver, buttons, and more.

6. SunFounder PiCar-S Raspberry Pi Kits - Sale Price $159.99

These Raspberry Pi-powered cars feature sensor modules that can bypass obstacles, sleek designs that can reach higher speeds, and specialized wheels that can handle multiple kinds of terrain.

7. The Raspberry Pi Mastery Bundle - MSRP $865, Sale Price $34

In order to take full advantage of everything the Raspberry Pi has to offer, you need the right instruction. This bundle will teach you everything you need to know through 8 courses.

8. Ultimate DIY Arduino Robotics Bundle - MSRP $300, Sale Price $29

Arduino has come to define the Internet of Things revolution, and this bundle walks you through everything from its most fundamental elements to its most advanced tricks—through three courses and over 160 lessons.

9. Build-On Brick Mug - MSRP $39.99, Sale Price $19.99

Whoever said mugs have to be boring? This fun, the customizable mug will put some instant pep in your office step by allowing you to fully customize its exterior using your favorite toy blocks.

10. Force Flyers DIY Building Block Drone - MSRP $49.99, Price Drop $39.99

With 6-axis stabilization, these DIY drones are perfect for new pilots and foster a wide range of STEM concepts including aerodynamics and weight distribution.

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