Innovate New AI Technologies with This Machine Learning Bundle

The world is becoming increasingly dependent on Artificial Intelligence (AI) by the day.

From self-driving cars to medical robots that can perform nearly-perfect surgeries in a matter of minutes, AI-driven technology is forever changing the way we live our lives, and it’s only going to play a more prominent role in the coming years.

The driving force behind virtually every type of AI interface and technology is machine learning—an incredibly important subfield of technology that allows machines to literally learn on their own by adapting to a changing environment.

This means that the most exciting and lucrative careers of both today and the future belong to those who know how to speak the language of machine learning, and know how to manipulate the various languages and platforms that are used to drive innovation in the field.

The Machine Learning Masterclass Bundle will teach you everything you need to know about this increasingly important field so you can stay relevant and competitive in the job market.

With eight courses and over 290 lessons geared toward everyone from industry professionals to aspiring engineers.

This extensive training bundle walks you through both the fundamentals and more advanced aspects of machine learning and its implications.

You’ll learn:

-how to work with Tensorflow (one of the most important open-source software libraries that drives a countless number of AI enterprises),

-advanced data visualization techniques that can help you build automated systems and predict future trends, the more foundational mathematical functions on which machine learning depends,

-R programming (which is one of the most relied-upon tools in the world of data management), and much more.

There are also courses that introduce you to the emerging field of AI as it relates to game development—through in-depth tutorials.

The tutorials show you how to create stunning 3D games in the famed Unreal game development engine. You’ll even learn how to manipulate game physics to create your own virtual realities from scratch.

If you’re feeling intimidated about getting your feet wet in this admittedly complex field, don’t worry.

There’s a dedicated Machine Learning For Absolute Beginners course.

It gets you started with nine hands-on projects—through easy-to-follow instruction that utilizes real-world examples to ensure that you don’t get frustrated and that your new knowledge is relatable and engaging.

Get the skills you need to land some of the most exciting and important careers of both today and the future with the Machine Learning Masterclass Bundle while it’s available for just $49—over 85% off its usual price for a limited time.

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