Get This 6-Part Internet of Things Training Bundle At Black Friday Pricing

The Internet of Things revolution has forever changed the ways in which humans interact with technology. In the not so distant past, an aspiring engineer needed to obtain a fancy degree and perhaps a white lab coat if he or she wanted to dabble with sophisticated electronics. Now, however, anyone with a curious mind and a moderate budget can build everything from home automation systems to fully-functional robots in the comfort of their own home.

Although it’s become exponentially easier to build awesome electronics projects with little to no formal education, you still need the right instruction if you want to create truly awesome (and truly functional) projects from scratch.

The Complete Internet of Things eBook Bundle will teach you everything you need to know to immerse yourself in the endlessly fascinating Internet of Things world, and right now the entire bundle is available for over 85% off at just $19.

With six eBooks crafted by industry professionals, this bundle walks you through everything from the most fundamental and theoretical aspects of the Internet of Things to its more advanced and esoteric trade secrets.

In the Internet of Things for Architects eBook, you’ll learn how to traverse the spectrum of technologies needed to build a successful Internet of Things system, whether that's a single device or millions of devices.

Meanwhile, the Practical Internet of Things Security eBook will teach you how to create a wide range of security parameters that can ward off the most prominent and dangerous cyber threats facing today’s biggest corporations and governments.

There’s also the Internet of Things with ESP8266 eBook that shows you how to build devices that can read, send, and monitor data from the cloud; the MQTT Essentials eBook that teaches you how to work with the famed MQTT protocol; the Smart Internet of Things Projects eBook that explores the statistics and various applied algorithms in data science and machine learning; and finally the Internet of Things with Raspberry Pi 3 eBook, which shows you how to integrate the world’s most popular micro-computer into your projects.

The entirety of your instruction uses real-world examples to showcase how your new gadgets and platforms can be applied to actual problems, and you’ll learn how to both build new projects from scratch and add to existing third-party applications as well.

Many of the skills you’ll be learning in this bundle can also be applied elsewhere—especially in IT or tech security positions that require a working knowledge of advanced security protocols and cloud computing technologies.

Enter the endlessly fascinating world of the Internet of Things with help from the Complete Internet of Things eBook Bundle for just $19—over 85% off its usual price for a limited time.

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