Expand the Functionality of Your Raspberry Pi with These 4 Extensive eBooks

Expand the Functionality of Your Raspberry Pi with These 4 Extensive eBooks

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For all of the amazing advancements that the Internet of Things Revolution has brought us, perhaps the most important change has been the complete democratization of technology and engineering knowledge. Instead of having to endure years of official (and expensive) training in order to learn how to build and develop exciting and important electronic gadgets, anyone with a curious mind and a modest budget can build incredibly complex and powerful pieces of technology in the comfort of their own home.

Nothing embodies this technological revolution like the world-renowned Raspberry Pi—a small but incredibly powerful and versatile computer that can be used to build anything from light automation systems to fully-functional robots and home security systems.

Despite its streamlined and relatively intuitive design, the Raspberry Pi can be intimidating if you’re unfamiliar with the platform. The Ultimate Raspberry Pi eBook Bundle will teach you how to take advantage of everything the Raspberry Pi has to offer, and the entire bundle is available for over 80% off at just $19.99.

With four eBooks crafted by industry professionals, this bundle will prove just as useful to novice programmers and engineers as it will to more seasoned developers who are looking to become more familiar with the Raspberry Pi interface.

In Raspberry Pi for Secret Agents, you’ll learn how to turn your Raspberry Pi into a clandestine toolbox, through instruction that teaches you how to detect an intruder with motion detection, listen in to conversations from a distance over Bluetooth, distort and hide your voice, and much more.

The Raspberry Pi 3 Cookbook for Python Programmers then teaches you how to integrate Python—one of the world’s most powerful and popular programming languages—into your Raspberry Pi projects in order to add more depth and functionality. You’ll learn how to develop games, create 3D worlds, build your own electric circuits, and much more.

Next, the Raspberry Pi for Python Programmers Cookbook contains a wide range of innovative and exciting projects that you can start from scratch. You’ll learn how to build your own Pi-Rover and Pi-Hexapod robots, as well as dive into the almost limitless number of add-ons that you can incorporate from third-party developers. You’ll even learn how to remotely and securely connect to the Raspberry Pi from your laptop or PC in order to unlock even more functions and potential.

Finally, Build Supercomputers with Raspberry Pi 3 will introduce you to the increasingly important and fascinating world of supercomputing—through instruction that focusses on everything from nodes and MPOs to networking configurations and superclusters. This eBook also utilizes real-world examples and hands-on instruction in order to show you how your new supercomputer projects can be used in a series of practical applications.

Take advantage of all that the Raspberry Pi has to offer with the Ultimate Raspberry Pi eBook Bundle for just $19.99—over 80% off its usual price.

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