Better Eye Levels For Your Screens with This Thin, Foldable Device Stand

It’s no secret that smartphones and laptops have come to dominate our lives. This reality has its benefits—such as when it allows us to stay in constant communication with friends and loved ones through a variety of super-fast and increasingly powerful visual mediums.

But this constantly-connected reality also has a downside when it comes to keeping our beloved gadgets at arm’s length since both smartphones and laptops were unfortunately not designed to be propped up for convenient and hands-free viewing.

The effortlessly sleek FODI Origami Multi-Purpose Device Stand solves this problem by allowing you to prop up both your smartphone and your computer in a way that’s easy on the eyes, and it’s currently available for 40% off at just $14.99.

Unlike most computer or smartphone stands that were built for a single, specific device, this intrepid origami stand can do it all. You can prop up your smartphone for hands-free FaceTime calls or Netflix binging, and you can also keep your laptop elevated in order to create a more ergonomic and enjoyable work environment.

Available in a variety of colors and styles—including bamboo, white marble, black marble, and walnut—this stand can hold a whopping forty-four pounds of weight. It also easily collapses into an ultra-thin sheet for when you need to take it on the road, so you won’t have to worry about your go-to stand taking up too much space in your bag.

The FODI stand even comes with a set of buckles that can help you organize and streamline all of your various cables.

Improve your workflow and decrease desk clutter with a FODI Origami Multi-Purpose Device Stand for just $14.99—40% off its usual price for a limited time.

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