These Headphones Use Bone Conduction to Protect Your Hearing

You don’t need to be an obsessive audiophile to appreciate a great pair of headphones. Whether you’re a casual listener who likes to distract yourself with tunes at the gym or fancy yourself as more of a music jock, having a reliable, great-sounding pair of headphones is a must.

The only problem is that traditional headphones tend to be uncomfortable, and even at low volumes, anything you put on or in your ears can lead to long-term hearing damage.

These True Wireless Bone Conduction Earphones eliminate both of these problems by allowing you to listen to your favorite music through revolutionary bone-conduction technology, and right now they’re available for 20% off at just $39.99.

These headphones represent the future of audio technology. Made from super-lightweight materials and featuring a unique ergonomic design, these phones deliver exceptionally rich and balanced sound without any of the discomforts that stem from over-ear or in-ear headphones.

All you have to do is lay them on your ears in order to enjoy distraction-free listening. You won’t have to worry about tangled wires, and you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that you’re not contributing to any long-term hearing damage.

There’s a home button that can be used to play and pause tracks, take calls, and replay songs, and there’s even a TWS stereo setting that allows you to listen to your music the way it was truly meant to be heard.

These headphones can also operate on standby for up to 20 days—meaning you won’t have to worry about your battery cutting out during extended listening sessions.

Treat yourself to top-notch sonics without risking your health with these True Wireless Bone Conduction Earphones for just $39.99—20% off their usual price for a limited time.

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