This Flexible 4K Camera Will Change The Way You Think About Travel Pics

‘Photos or it didn’t happen’ might be a cliche but it's also true. In a time when we are more connected than ever, being able to share photos is an important part of staying in touch.

While we all have a smartphone capable of taking great photos it isn’t always practical when you are out and about - not to mention poor battery life and fragile components.

Introducing OPPY, the whimsical lifestyle cam. OPPY is a 4K camera mounted onto a flexible rod that you can take anywhere. Forget selfie sticks or action cameras that need a bag full of accessories, OPPY is a go-anywhere camera that will change the way you take photos.

OPPY is lightweight and ready to take anywhere

OPPY doesn't need a swag of accessories like GoPros or other action cameras, the unique flexible design of OPPY means it can self-mount, create a tripod, and work as a selfie stick - whatever you need, where you need. The flexibility of OPPY means you can create unique photography from never before seen angles.

The flexible rod of OPPY lets you wrap it around your body, your sporting equipment on walls or anything else you can think of.

OPPY is not only a high-quality camera it is also your constant companion. The anamorphic design of OPPY makes it seem like you have a friend or pet taking your photos.

Looking a little bit like Wall-E, OPPY has two cute ‘eyes’ that it uses to capture your special moments. OPPY takes incredibly sharp resolution photos and videos in 4K.

OPPY is splashproof and rugged

Your imagination is your only limitation with OPPY, choose from with various modes like image, video, time-lapse, slow-motion and animated GIF. OPPY connects to an app on your smartphone so you can instantly share your photos and videos and friends.

OPPY will become your constant companion, its sturdy designed is augmented by a optional diving helmet case that makes OPPY splashproof. OPPY has a built in lithium battery that will last almost a full day on a single charge.

Your images are saved on a mini SD card that can be upgraded from 16GB to 32GB or 64GB. OPPY is brought to you by DS Global and Boud, teams of engineers, creatives and entrepreneurs determined to bring the best in new technologies.

OPPY comes in a range of colors and is available now on pre-order via Kickstarter. Secure your OPPY at a low price before it’s too late. Next time you are heading off on an adventure be sure to take your OPPY with you to record all the action from every angle.

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