Solar-powered Boat is the Perfect Tiny Home for a Life of Sailing

Solar-powered Boat is the Perfect Tiny Home for a Life of Sailing

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Quebec boat building company Daigno has conceived of an original flagship houseboat called Le Koroc. Constructed as a "single-structure laminated timber," the floating tiny home is, as its website says, "a unique and refined craft for Nature lovers and fishing aficionados."

A floating testimony to the environment

Daigno says their solar-powered sailing abode is "a testimony to our constant concern for the environment "whose concept came about by "challenging habits and exploring innovative ideas." Just one look at the elegant yet compact residence and it is safe to say that the designers are not exaggerating.

Le Koroc comes with an impressively low price tag of approximately $60,000 that does not stop the boat from being equipped with everything anyone could ever need in a home. From a fully-functioning kitchen to a comfy bedroom, to a spacious shower, Le Koroc's amenities do not disappoint.

Best of all, all the luxuries of a real house are conveniently packed into the boat's 24 feet long and 8 feet wide frame. In this case, small size has not been an excuse for sacrificing function.

The beautiful kitchen decorated in woody earthy tones features a bistro table, several white cupboards for ample storage space, a large sink and stove and even a dishwasher for days when hand washing is just too much.

The bathroom albeit small is complete with a stand-up shower in addition to the usual necessary accessories. But where does one sleep you might ask?

The back of the boat features a dinette table that folds out into a bed frame that sees the area now used as a bedroom with a view of that can not be beaten. For additional guests, two benches on either side can also fold out to offer another mattress.

Perhaps the most awe-inspiring area of Le Koroc is the front of the boat. The open-air deck hosts a dining table for two, a high-tech barbecue and a fish tank to hold the day's catch, allowing the boat's dwellers to go about their day surrounded by nature's beauty.

Dedicated to sustainability

True to their dedication to sustainability, the boat's metal roof features a 265-watt solar panel that powers the boat’s energy-efficient LED lighting and other electrical equipment. For the extreme eco-friendly, composting toilets are also available.

You may think that with so much cargo, the boat may be too heavy for sailing. However, Le Koroc was specially constructed with laminated white cedar beams and strong plywood resulting in an overall weight of barely over 5,000 pounds.

Daigno's website further states that "each product we build is unique, and is crafted to meet specific customer expectations." The builders also offer additional upgrades for boat owners even after purchase.

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